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Endurance-Tribe is a Race Team that focusses on making your enjoyment in your sport fun and being more favorable for family and friends. Working with our Team partners we are able to make your love for your sport easier and more cost-efficient. So you have time for the important things in life. Family and Friends!

About us

Our logo wasn’t just designed to look good. It was designed with meaning and is the core symbol of what our team stands for. Family, Friends, and Sport

Tribe = Family

Without family, the things we enjoy wouldn’t be the same. Family comes first and as a Tribe, our team members and their family become a part of our extended families.

Crossed Arrows = Friendship

Friends make sport more enjoyable and helps keep you motivated to succeed.

Separated Sport figures = You don’t have to be a Triathlete to be part of our team. You can be a runner, Swimmer, Cyclist or even an OCR racer. You just need to love endurance sports and want to succeed in your goals.



Swimming is probably the most difficult discipline in Triathlon. With consistent training, lots of technique and an helpful eye this leg of Triathlon can end up being your favourite. Our coaches Wade and Palina specialize in swimming and Open Water technique.


Biking is nearly everyone ones favourite discipling. In our Tribe we have all levels of Athletes to make those long weekend rides more enjoyable with good friends and help to push each other to improve your Bike fitness to succeed in your goals. We also organise online bike session together to make those sometime hard and boring sessions so much more FUN!


The Love/Hate discipline. You love it or you Hate it BUT with good friends you can make each run enjoyable. Our coaches Wade, Palina and Moritz offer track sessions where focus will be on speed and Technique for all levels of experience.


Wade Weightman Wade Weightman PERFORMANCE COACH – HEAD COACH Triathlon and Run Coach Swim/Open Water Trainer Personal Trainer Sport Strength and Conditioning Coach Sport Nutrition Coach Management of time management for training schedule and worktime www.wade-weightman.de Palina Dubino Palina Dubino TOTAL TRAINING EUROPE - COACH Triathlon Coach Open Water Swim Trainer Personal Trainer Intensive Swim Coach Management of time management for training schedule and worktime www.swimpower.de

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Feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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